esignate as the principle of gaggi●ng.An administration that d●oes not oppress the peasantry is● not yet to be thought of.[Pg 115] Ou●r peasant needs nothing so much as trav●elling agricultural teachers.B●ut what would be the end of such teaching To● Siberia direct.Fear of the intelli▓gent c


lasses has already become a ▓mania.Intelligence, if it pleases you,▓ is revolution; only no contact with Lib▓eral elements.The salvation of our peo▓ple lies in its is


olation. Bu●t that is the régime of a conquere▓d country! Are not the rulers them▓selves Russians How can they be so c●ruel to their own flesh T▓he police off


icial is no Russian.He is quit▓e free from national sentiment; he is only ●an oppressor, a detective.Our m●inistry of the interior is merely a great detec●tive bureau


Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa inventore veritatis et quasi architecto explicabo.

, a monstrous and c▓ostly surveillance institution▓.When the notorious 'third d▓ivision' was abolished and subordi●nated to the ministry of the interior it was con▓sidered a step in advance.But it▓ was not the ministry of the interio▓r that absorbed the '


third di▓vision,' but the reverse.We n▓o longer have administration, but ▓only surveillance, arrest, d●eportation.Shall I tell


you Our commiss▓ion worked honestly.It consisted of n?/p>


駉blemen, high-minded patriots, who took pa●rt in worki


ng out a project for the i▓mprovement of economic condi


tions.Only ●three hundred copies of the r●eport were p


rinted; it was not meant for g●eneral circulation.But t


he result of the la▓bors undertaken at our instance was

  • ●the arrest of the outspoken,● upright critics.Do you con▓sider that an encouragement for patriotic endeav●or Our merchants and[Pg 116] our zemstvos ●have opened, in the last six years, one hundr▓ed and thir


  • ty-six schools witho▓ut one kopek of state aid, and with a ye●arly expenditure of four million rubles.●The instinct for what is necessary is● therefore present.Our society should onl▓y be let alone and we also


  • might g▓o through the same development, pe●rhaps in a slower measure, whic●h Germany has passed through with such m●omentous success in the last thirty years 癃from an agricultural state dependent on the w●e



suppressed.● Your excellency, I find that one cannot● discuss the least question of pedagogy or econ▓omics in Russia withou

Et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus

t touching high ●politics. Very true.You may▓ see from that to what[Pg 117] a pass we ●have come.We have been goin●g backward uninterruptedly

Et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus

for the last twenty ●years.The nobility is losing its ▓estates because it has not lea▓rned to manage them, and has n●ot recovered to this very

Et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus

day from the ab▓olition of serfdom.But the lan●d does not fall into the hands of the peasants,▓ who need it, but into those of the merchants.▓ T

Et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus

he agricultural proletariat r▓emains unprovided for.The peasant cannot raise ●the taxes.The soil here give●s fourfold returns; in Germany eightf?/p>


駉ld returns.It pays at the sam▓e time, this side of the Dnieper, ten to● fifteen per cent.annually for ●tenure; in England two

to thr▓ee per cent.; in France and Germa▓ny four to five per

cent.; and on the other▓ si

de of the Dnieper, where long tenures are in ▓vogue, five t

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